The American Lawyer's Annual Technology Survey

Posted by The NetDocuments Team on Oct 30, 2014 9:28:00 AM

Some interesting stats and a nice article by Alan Cohen on the topic of data security in this years' technology survey of the Am Law 200 firms. A notable point is that there is no consensus as to which is the #1 security concern for top firm executives. However, the top three security issues for 74 of the top 200 firms are:

  1. Insiders taking intellectual property out of the data network (27%)
  2. Not knowing if data has been compromised (21%)
  3. Outsiders trying to break into the data network (19%)

The rise in security concerns is in part due to the pressure clients are putting on their firms. The pressure is coming in the form of audits, and lengthy questionnaires. "Five years ago, we didn't have security audits," Gary Becker, the CIO at Reed Smith, stated. "We've had over 15 of them this year."

The response to increased security pressure is to add additional technology and human resources, but this is straining, as some firms are dealing with decreased budgets. Both of these factors are leading firms to look at new ways of doing things, especially when there is the possibility of doing "more with less" as the article points out.

As a cloud-based provider, we're especially thrilled to read in the article the diminishing concerns among respondents about moving applications to the cloud. And it will be the innovative providers who will help firms address the important security concerns and leverage cloud technology, as the "long-established vendors offering on-premises software" haven't been able to effectively meet the security and innovation needs of today's modern practice.

Download the Security Q&A with Alvin Tedjamulia, NetDocuments CTO to learn how the NetDocuments service is addressing the security needs for firms of all sizes.

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Test Your NetDocuments Skills with this Quick Quiz

Posted by The NetDocuments Team on Oct 29, 2014 2:40:00 PM

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Great Technology is Found at the Intersection of Simplicity and Functionality

Posted by Nick Salas on Oct 29, 2014 1:11:00 PM

When I buy a new cell phone, the last thing I want to do is sit through lengthy tutorials on how to use the most common functions.  I just want it to work.  I want it to be intuitive enough that it just makes sense.  Seems like our day-to-day business applications should follow suit, but with technology evolving so quickly, the sophistication and difficulty of implementation is rising with it.  The need for technology geared towards the enterprise to flaunt features that are so cumberso
me that they turn simple tasks into confusing, week long processes, is weakening the firm’s abilities to focus on and service clients.  

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Case Study: How One Start-up Firm Used Technology to Hit the Ground Running

Posted by The NetDocuments Team on Oct 23, 2014 12:48:58 PM

Sherman Wells Sylvester & Stamelman LLP opened their doors in July 2014 with approximately 30 attorneys and support staff in offices in New Jersey and New York. They decided from day one that investing in people and the technology that would allow them to best service their client base would be a top priority. Their goal between the two offices was to be as paperless and cloud-based as possible. Modernizing the law firm with leading edge technology has helped them realize their goals, and choosing NetDocuments as their content management service provider met their objectives. Harry Atlas, partner at Sherman Wells, explains the importance of technology in the firm and why NetDocuments was the best available solution.

Download the Case Study

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Demystifying the Cloud

Posted by Nick Salas on Oct 17, 2014 1:44:00 PM

Believe it or not, there is a real phobia known as ‘nephophobia.’  I was shocked to discover that it is defined as a fear of clouds.  Like any other fear, the more time you spend confronting it and educating yourself about it, the less scary it becomes.  Such is the case with a different type of cloud, the business cloud.

There has been a dramatic surge of organizations taking their business applications to the cloud as fear and doubt of what the cloud can do is demystified.  It is important to remember that all clouds are not created equal.  Just as the nephophobes may fear clouds of various shapes and sizes, cloud applications for your business can be implemented in a number of different ways.  Of course, there are also cloud vendors whose security and availability differ from others, as well as performance and features that should be considered.  In a nutshell, cloud applications have numerous applications and functions that define the end-user experience; the challenge is discovering what will be most beneficial for your business.

We have identified seven important characteristics that we believe are true cloud requirements.  To effectively evaluate what cloud computing can do for your office and how agile it will be for your day-to-day processes, consider the following:

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Jackson Kelly PLLC Swaps On-premise DMS and Moves to the Cloud

Posted by The NetDocuments Team on Oct 16, 2014 3:30:00 AM

Salt Lake City, UT – October 16, 2014 – Jackson Kelly PLLC has selected NetDocuments to replace Worldox, their existing on-premise document management system.  As the firm’s requirements to service clients around the country in a wide variety of industries remains a priority, they sought out a modern and scalable solution to manage documents and email.  The switch was prompted in an effort to take advantage of the mobility, collaboration, continuity, and security that NetDocuments cloud-based document management service has to offer.

Law firms are increasingly taking their business applications to the cloud, and Jackson Kelly PLLC required this platform to service their clients in a more secure and efficient environment.  “As we evaluated document management solutions, we needed a vendor with proven advanced cloud security, as well as a solution that offered our clients seamless collaboration with the attorneys,” said Skip Lohmeyer, CIO at Jackson Kelly PLLC.  “NetDocuments not only delivers on security and collaboration, but through their solution, we are able to access pertinent firm information from any device, anywhere in the world.”

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Reaction-Based Problem Solving Puts Your Firm at Risk

Posted by The NetDocuments Team on Oct 13, 2014 1:35:00 PM

As a document and email management service (DMS) provider for over 15 years, we’ve seen all types of businesses, problems, and opportunities to switch document and email management providers. Most customers seek out a solution due to one or several “compelling events”. These compelling events come in all shapes and sizes, yet most approach the situation as a problem that needs to be solved through technology. Here are a few recurring themes we’ve seen as they relate to content management:

  •          The server is outdated
  •          Storage on the server is at capacity
  •          Multiple offices with no enterprise-wide solution
  •          The rise of the mobile workforce that needs 24x7 mobile access
  •          The on-premise software is outdated
  •          Lack of functionality with the current DMS
  •          The current system doesn’t scale
  •          The firm needs specialized compliance
  •          Client collaboration

I’ll stop there, but as you can see, the shape and size of potential problems and tech fires is endless. But finding a solution when these issues arise is simply reactionary problem solving (and not in the political sense of the word). Problem solved, right? Sure, that’s fine, I’m not arguing with that, but would like to pose two points to think about:

  1. What if the compelling events around the firm’s technology decisions were brought to the forefront of the business strategy and viewed as opportunities and distinct advantages to preempt a compelling event? Would that change the priority order of the IT Director’s or CIO’s project list? Sure there will always be fires to put out, but what if your firm shifted from a reactive approach to technology decision making, and into a mindset where technology becomes the productivity enabler, leap frogging the firm ahead of the competition and impressing your clients with an aggressive approach to sustaining a modern practice    
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Technology: The New Tier to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Posted by Nick Salas on Oct 9, 2014 10:53:05 AM

I recently read an article explaining how technology has become so engrained and necessary in our lives, that it is becoming as essential as having breakfast in the morning.  Our society is technologically developing at such a rapid rate, that if we don’t become consumers, we will starve.  In a business sense, the technology we employ becomes such an integral part of our bottom lines that education is imperative to keep processes running.  Maslow’s hierarchy of need suggests that we all have basic needs, and once certain needs are met, we strive for the next level of fulfillment until we reach self-actualization.  At the very bottom of the hierarchy, the most basic needs are listed: shelter, food, water, air.  At the top is the need for all of us to reach our full potential.  In between are safety, belonging, and esteem.  So, where does technology fit into our structure of need?  If we consider that technology is such a basic need that we rely on for survival, it would probably lie somewhere between physiological and safety. 

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Leading Australian Law Firm Cooper Grace Ward Upgrades to NetDocuments for Document and Email Management in the Cloud

Posted by The NetDocuments Team on Oct 8, 2014 9:42:00 AM


The cloud revolution is exploding in the legal industry. Firms of all sizes are switching to specialized cloud vendors for critical applications that require high availability with anytime, anywhere access. This is a global trend, and one country where we're seeing incredible growth is Australia. Today ZDNet posted an article about the AU government "forcing itself into the cloud", and changing it's policy to further adopt and embrace cloud solutions. You can see their updated cloud policy document right here.

We're thrilled to announce another leading AU firm, Cooper Grace Ward, has switched their document and email management from iManage to NetDocuments cloud-based service for increased security, mobility, and the need to have a modern document management and collaboration platform.

Press Release - Salt Lake City, UT - October 8, 2014

Cooper Grace Ward, one of Brisbane’s largest independent law firms, has chosen NetDocuments to replace their existing on-premise document management solution with the help of Feynbrook, one of NetDocuments certified channel partners servicing the Australian market. NetDocuments’ leading cloud-based service allows for the high level of security, collaboration, and search capabilities that Cooper Grace Ward requires as they continue to heavily invest in their technology processes firm-wide.

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NetDocuments Hits the Road with ILTA Roadshows and Regional Events

Posted by The NetDocuments Team on Oct 6, 2014 5:06:00 PM

We hope you can join us for one of our several upcoming regional roadshows where Alvin Tedjamulia, NetDocuments' CTO, will highlight how it’s possible to achieve high usability, mobility, and personal productivity with a firm-wide solution that is secure and compliant. Events are free and lunch is on us!

Check out the schedule at: DC and Richmond details coming soon!

Want to see or host a NetDocuments event in your city? Fill out the form on the link above and let’s get the ball rolling.

Can't make a roadshow? Let's schedule a one on one live session to learn more about what we're up to. 

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Cloud-Based Document Management for the Modern Practice

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